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Did you know? Here’s how. That’s easy!

So you have your new hosted telephones with Centratel. Now how do you use them? Here are several easy tips and a quick review of the basics.

Did you know you can transfer a caller to an outside telephone number? Here’s how!

Press the Transfer button (the caller is automatically put on hold)

Simply dial the outside telephone number and hang up when you hear the ring. Easy right!


Wait for the person you are transferring to answer, Let them know who you are transferring. Then

hang up, the caller is transferred. That’s easy!


Did you know you may conference call up to 3 parties including yourself? Here’s how!

While on the call, press Conference button (the caller is automatically put on hold)

Make another call (extension or outside telephone number)

Press Conference button to join all parties. Easy right!


Did you know you can record a temporary greeting for your personal Voice Mail Box? Here’s how!

Press the button that looks like a small envelope or message, enter your password.

After voice prompt, Select 0 for Mailbox options

Select 4 to record temp greeting (Example: out of office for vacation or other reason)

Record temporary greeting. That’s easy!

Upon return to work. Log into mailbox. Select 0 for Mailbox options, Select 4 to manage temporary greeting

Press 2 to remove temporary greeting. The system automatically kept you standard greeting. That’s easy!

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Geoff Cann

Training and Support Specialist

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