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Cloud-based Phone Systems

Work where you want to work, when you need to work


Simplify communication and collaboration for your business with our cloud-based phone systems.

Our comprehensive platform creates a telecommunications system that can grow or be scaled back according to your company’s needs.

You won’t need to invest in expensive equipment that ties you down in cost or location.

You’ll get seamless integration of voice, video, data applications and other technologies. UCaaS upgrades your processes and business productivity.

Your phone system is accessible through an operations center in the app. Providing or changing access to all the features your work-from-home employees need is easy. They can answer calls through their cell phones, computer, or any device.

Need to change your ring configuration, set up a video conference or presentation? UCaaS provides all of these services and more, all through a secure internet portal.

A wide array of mobile features keep employees informed and in touch, regardless of where they’re working. Features include voicemail to email, call center applications

And in case of a local power or internet outage, your phone system continues to work in the cloud. If your desktop phone isn’t working because of a power outage, you can use your mobile phone app instead. 

Unified Communications systems provide mobility, versatility, and scalability. Whether your employees are in the office or work remotely, keep your company connected with a hosted phone solution.

They’ve kept us up-to-date with the latest technology, all while staying within our budget.

We at the Disability Achievement Center have been working with Centratel for many
years and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, reliability, and
support. They have kept us up-to-date with the latest technology, all while staying within
our budget. We highly recommend Centratel for any of your telecommunication needs.

Savanna HameroffExecutive Project Coordinator, JUST PULL IT DENTAL

Customized Solutions

Centratel recognizes that every business is unique. You need a solution that works for you from day 1. 

Need to distribute calls equally through your contact center? We’ll build Customized Ring Groups to determine where each call goes next. Need to Listen Live to give your employees coaching and accountability? We can give you the ability to decide who can use this feature and when.

The options are endless with the Unified Communications phone systems offered by Centratel.   

Our team of experts will help you select the right equipment based on your business type and size. We’ll train your staff how to use the new system.

And we offer 24/7 support so you and your employees can reach out with any questions. 

Our reliable, feature-rich hosted phone services adjust to your needs. We make it easy for our customers to use communication apps and solutions your business needs, creating an in-office experience right at your fingertips.

Pick the Features that Work for You


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  • Built-in Softphone: Employees can make or take calls directly from their computers, cellphones or tablets with instant access to all the calling features they’ve come to expect. 
  • Call Move: While on a call, users can move between Centratel’s mobile and desktop apps with just the push of a button, without needing to put a call on hold first.
  • Contacts w/ Presence: See at a glance when coworkers are available to keep daily operations moving efficiently and seamlessly.
  • Visual Voicemail: View and manage voicemails on a single screen, including convenient visual message transcriptions powered by Google’s Cloud Speech API.


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  • HD Video Meetings: Centratel provides every user unlimited 1:1 and group meetings with up to 100 participants per meeting (Standard plan users can schedule group meetings for up to 40 minutes). Users can join meetings at any time from the downloadable Centratel desktop app and via browser and mobile apps (iOS/Android). Sessions can be encrypted with a PIN for added security and confidentiality.
  • Simultaneous Screen Sharing: Users have multiple screen sharing options; share one screen, a portion of their screen, or specific applications. Even better, multiple users can share their screen simultaneously, eliminating awkward pauses and wait times often experienced during presenter transitions.
  • Video Recording: Record any meeting for easy reference later, or to share updates with absent/unavailable team members.


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Private & Group Conversations: Centratel enables teams to handle all messaging (Chat & SMS) in the same all-in-one solution where they’re already making/taking calls, collaborating and having meetings.

Ask us about Premium Features Available!

Voice Dial-in Options for Meetings

No Time-limit Meetings

Virtual Rooms

Unified Communications and our Hosted Phone Solutions boost your company’s telecommunication abilities for maximum success.

By unifying video, voice and data, your employees are no longer tied to the workplace and can collaborate from anywhere.

Everyone can use multiple devices in the office or working remotely. Use your smartphones, tablets or computers as needed.

We also offer up-to-date desktop solutions featuring Yealink phones that deliver crystal-clear service for a reasonable price.



Yealink Phones

Crystal-Clear Audio Quality

Yealink phones ensure every conversation is transmitted with precision and clarity. Advanced acoustic technologies eliminate background noise and echo. The result is clearer conversations and reduced miscommunication.

Intuitive Interface

High-resolution displays provide quick access to essential features and functions. From making calls and managing contacts to checking voicemail and call history, you can see the difference with Yealink.


Yealink phones focus on security to safeguard sensitive conversations and data. Phones with built-in encryption protocols and secure transmission channels protect confidential information.


From compact models for small offices to enterprise-level solutions that support hundreds of extensions, Yealink phones can be customized to meet the requirements of any organization. The ability to seamlessly integrate with existing telephony systems makes them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Some of Our Top-Selling Options:

Yealink T54W

Ideal for professionals and executives with moderate call levels.

Yealink W73 Pro

Optimized communication with a mobile handset.

Yealink T58W Pro

Desktop phone for executives and professionals. Available with and without a camera for easy video conferencing.

How much will it cost?

Because we build customized solutions for every business, we prefer to quote prices at the time of our demonstrations.

Whether your company needs 3 phones or 300, our state-of-the-art phone systems are within reach. Pricing depends on the configuration of your phone system – a quick, no obligation quote is just a click away.

User Guides & Product Brochures

We catalog our User Guides and Product Brochures for our customers here so you don’t have to keep manuals or google random questions.

Yealink User Guides

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Yealink Product Brochures

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Discontinued Products

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“Their system is always reliable…

We have been clients of Centratel since 2015 and have been extremely pleased with all of their services. We have consistently received great personalized service and their system is always reliable. Since 2015 we changed physical locations and the telephone service was not impacted and we were up and running same day. Our ability to use the phone remotely is very useful and offers us a competitive advantage when hiring.

We are very happy with our decision and would not consider changing our system.”

Debbie JacksonJackson & Associates CPA, PA